Mahoning County Commissioners and The Mental Health & Recovery Board help raise awareness about art therapy

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year the HELMS Foundation of the Mahoning Valley displayed and sold several works of art that contribute to art therapy!

It’s a form of therapeutic relief that helps some deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts or feelings.

None of this would’ve been possible without our clients, The Mahoning County Mental Health & Recovery Board, and the Mahoning County Commissioners.

Executive Director Duane Piccirilli represented the Mahoning County Mental Health & Recovery Board, and Carol Rimedio-Righetti represented the Commissioners.

Some of the pieces of art were created by people from Mahoning County!

For instance, the piece titled “Fellowship,” (Piece #10) was created by Holly Queen.

Queen is a Mahoning County native that graduated from Poland High School and Youngstown State University. She is an experienced Art Therapist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry with vital healthcare services professional skilled in Grief Counseling.

Queen says her inspiration for the “Fellowship” painting was the Fellow Gardens. Queen recalls fond memories of taking family visits and seeing beautiful flowers there! She says it was a little oasis in the city of hope, growth, and beauty!

Thank you to all that participated or purchased a piece of artwork.

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