Grand Jury Indicts Jamie and Karen Longnecker in 103 Count Indictment

The Mahoning County Grand Jury has handed down a 103 count indictment against a mother and son for engaging in a pattern of menancing by stalking against 30 individuals, a charity, and police officers assisting in the investigation, and other crimes.

According to the indictment, Karen L. Longnecker, age 75, and her son, Jamie J. Longnecker, age 42, used the U.S. mail to send adult pornography to the targeted individuals. It is alleged that pornographic images were sent to family members of a young girl who worked with Jamie Longnecker in an effort to cause them mutual distress. It is further alleged that Longnecker became obsessed with this young girl when she didn’t befriend him.

Six police agencies, led by Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office Detective, Deputy Pat Mondora, contributed to this 5 year investigation.

Some of the counts carry terms of imprisonment ranging from six to eighteen months each.

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