Mahoning County Prosecutor, Paul J. Gains, Announces Promotions and Office Restructuring

We are pleased to announce the following promotions and additions to our management structure:

  • Gina DeGenova-Zawrotuk, Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Legal/Public Information Officer
  • Jennifer McLaughlin, Chief, Criminal Division
  • Ralph Rivera, Assistant Chief, Criminal Division
  • Robert Andrews, Senior Trial Counsel
  • Michael Yacovone, Grand Jury Prosecutor

In her new role, Chief Assistant DeGenova-Zawrotuk will be more visible on the criminal side of the office and will work with law enforcement on the many and varied legal issues presented in the criminal division. She will also work with staff, county and township officials, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, and the public to communicate and implement policies that will facilitate the administration of justice. As Public Information Officer, Chief Assistant DeGenova-Zawrotuk will coordinate and manage the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office’s communications, public information, media relations, and services. Media inquiries should be directed to Chief Assistant DeGenova-Zawrotuk.

Criminal Division Chief McLaughlin and Assistant Chief Rivera will manage the criminal division, including the common pleas court, juvenile court, and the county courts. They will administer office policies regarding all aspects of the criminal division, and implement measures to ensure that the division runs effectively and efficiently. All questions regarding the assignment of cases or any other operational issues of the criminal division should be directed to Chief McLaughlin or, in her absence, Assistant Chief Rivera.

Senior Trial Counsel Andrews will utilize his thirty-plus-years’ trial experience to mentor and co-counsel with his fellow assistant prosecutors in all five felony division courts. He will also spearhead training for assistant prosecutors and law enforcement.

As the Grand Jury Prosecutor, Attorney Yacovone will review all cases that are bound over from the county and municipal courts and all direct presentments. He will also work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to prepare cases for presentation to the Grand Jury. All questions regarding the Grand Jury should be directed to APA Yacovone.

Attorney Nicholas Modarelli, now in a limited service position, will serve as Law Enforcement Coordinator/Training. In his new role, APA Modarelli will act as the liaison with all law enforcement agencies that work with the Prosecutor’s Office. He will also be working with the lawyers in this office and the law enforcement community to produce training opportunities. All coordination and training questions from law enforcement should be directed to APA Modarelli.

Although not a change, Chief Trial Counsel Dawn Cantalamessa will continue to be responsible for prosecuting the county’s most serious offenses before all five general division common pleas judges. These cases include, capital murder, homicides, and other high level violent felonies.

Similarly, Chief Assistant Linette M. Stratford will continue in her role as chief of operations and the Civil Division Chief. Chief Stratford administers the fiscal and operational side of the office. Also, as the chief of the civil division, Chief Stratford along with Assistant Chief Gaglione manage the civil division and implement measures to ensure that the division runs effectively and efficiently and, most importantly, that all of our statutory clients are well represented.

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