Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutors Urge Parole Board Against Murderer’s Release.

The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office urged the Ohio Parole Board today to deny parole for Floyd Davis, who was sent to prison on November 7, 1978 for the torture and brutal killing of Joseph DeLisio on June 16, 1977. Davis was indicted, along with Co-Defendants Clyde Neely, Jr. and James Brown, for one count of Aggravated Murder with specifications, one count of Kidnapping, one count of Aggravated Robbery, and one count of Theft. Davis plead Guilty to all counts, and the specifications were dismissed. The trial court sentenced Davis to a term of 15 years to life in the penitentiary.

According to a pleading filed with the Ohio Parole Board earlier this month by Criminal Division Chief, Jennifer McLaughlin and Assistant Chief, Ralph Rivera, Davis continues to represent a danger to this community and should not be released.

On the night of Delisio’s death, Davis and some friends were driving around Youngstown with a gun looking for something to do. After assaulting and robbing another man on the street at gunpoint, Davis and others came upon Mr. DeLisio who was asleep in his vehicle. These men forced their way into Mr. DeLisio’s car, put a gun to his head, and drove him to another location. There, they beat Mr. DeLisio with their fists and the gun. They then took Mr. DeLisio’s money and put him in the trunk of the car. Davis and his accomplices next drove to Stambaugh Field and forced Mr. DeLisio to walk to the baseball field. One of the assailants urinated on Mr. DeLisio and removed Mr. DeLisio’s shirt, shoes, and belt and choked him with the shirt and belt. These men then choked Mr. DeLisio and took turns stabbing him in the heart and throat with a pocket knife.

Criminal Chief McLaughin argued “while Davis has served over 42 years in the penitentiary for his crimes, the brutal nature of these crimes justified continued incarceration. Robbing, beating, and sexually assaulting Mr. DeLisio for their own amusement, Davis and his accomplices showed a callous indifference to human life.”

In spite of objections from both the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, on behalf of the State of Ohio, and the victim’s representative, the Board voted 9-1 to release Davis following a hearing conducted today. It is expected that Davis will be released in October, 2021.

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