Youngstown man sentenced to life in prison for murder

Mahoning County Prosecutor Paul Gains announced today that the Honorable Judge Anthony D’Apolito sentenced George Hill, 46, of Youngstown, to life behind bars with a chance of parole after 15 years served.

Hill was found guilty of murdering 36-year-old Jennifer Mullen in May of 2020.

A jury found Hill guilty of 4 charges:

  • Two counts of murder
  • One count of Felonious Assault—A Felony of the 2nd Degree
  • One count of Domestic Violence—- A Felony of the 4th Degree

On May 31, 36-year-old Jennifer Mullen was found unconscious at her house on Shields Road. When police arrived, Mullen had sustained brutal injuries to her head and had bruises all over her body. Hill told police that Mullen had an accident after drinking too much. But, upon further investigation, it was clear that Mullen had little to no alcohol in her system at the time of the incident. It was made clear that the injuries Mullen sustained were from abuse caused by the defendant. Mullen died from her injuries sustained during that deadly confrontation.

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