Jury finds Boardman man guilty for Assaulting girlfriend

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WEDNESDAY, JAN 17, 2024) – A Mahoning County jury finds 39-year-old Dustin James guilty for Assaulting his girlfriend in June of 2022. The jury found James guilty of several charges, including:

  • Felonious Assault (Felony of the second degree)
  • Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor of the first degree)
  • Having Weapons While Under Disability (Felony of the Third Degree)


In June of 2022, James attacked his girlfriend, causing harmful injuries. James broke the victim’s nose and caused enough injury that the victim blacked out. James and the victim were taken to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital following the assault. James was arrested at the hospital after police conducted their investigation. James will be sentenced at a later date.



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