Annual Victim-Witness Services Art Contest

The goal of the art contest is to curate an uplifting expo of artwork in the Mahoning County Common Pleas Courthouse leading to the Prosecutor’s Victim-Witness Office. The Victim-Witness Division Serves to support victims through the judicial process and connect them to resources to alleviate the burdens of their individual situations.

In winter of 2024, Prosecutor Gina DeGenova announced a Mahoning County-wide Art Contest, in collaboration with Joyce Mistovich at the Butler Institute of American Art.

For the 1st Annual Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Art Contest, the theme was “Hope & Healing”. For victims of crime, the process of having a case progress through the court system is daunting. In addition to the physical, financial, and emotional burdens of many crimes, victims then must retell their stories continuously and attend countless hearings. “Hope & Healing” are vital elements of victim advocacy. Hope is essential to fuel resiliency and faith for victims. Healing, through processing complicated emotions, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and empathy paves the way for victims to move forward in life.

The 2025 Art Contest theme will be released on December 2nd of 2024.

2024 Winning Pieces

11-12th Grade, 1st Place Winner - Hugh Ivari, Jackson-Milton
11-12th Grade, 2nd Place Winner - Michaela Salas, Jackson-Milton
11-12th Grade, 3rd Place Winner - Gina Misel, Boardman
9-10th Grade, 1st Place Winner - Madason Morgan, Jackson-Milton
9-10th Grade Winner
9-10th Grade, 2nd Place Winner - Gino Moffo, Boardman
9-10th Grade, 3rd Place Winner - Cenni Patterson, Chaney
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