Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office objects to the release of Harold Agee

December 30, 2021

The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, through Assistant Chief Ralph M. Rivera, filed
an objection with the Ohio Parole Board regarding the upcoming parole hearing of Defendant
Shawn Greene is scheduled for January 2022. Greene was convicted and sentenced to life
imprisonment with parole eligibility after fifteen years for the murder of Daniel Wilkerson.
On April 25, 1999, Defendant Shawn Greene shot and killed Daniel Wilkerson.

Greene encountered Wilkerson at Shawndea Bell’s house; Greene was dating Bell at the time, and
Wilkerson was Bell’s ex-boyfriend. After Wilkerson entered the residence, Greene immediately
retrieved his revolver from the bedroom. Greene and Wilkerson then exchanged words that
resulted in Greene producing his revolver and shooting Wilkerson once in the stomach.

After his arrest, Greene admitted to the Youngstown detectives that he shot Wilkerson, but
Greene claimed self-defense. The evidence, however, showed that Greene never saw Wilkerson
with a firearm that day, and Wilkerson never indicated that he had a gun on his person that day.
There was also not much of an argument before Greene shot Wilkerson; thus, the evidence
demonstrated that Greene’s self-defense claim was nothing more than an attempt to evade
responsibility for murdering Daniel Wilkerson.

For all those reasons, the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office objected to the release of
Defendant Shawn Greene because the brash and senseless murder of Daniel Wilkerson
demonstrates that there does not exist “reasonable ground to believe that * * * paroling [Shawn
] would further the interests of justice and be consistent with the welfare and security of
society.” R.C. 2967.03.

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