State of Ohio v. Brandon Crump, Case No. 2021 CR 102

On Thursday February 15, 2024, a jury found 21 year old Brandon Crump, Jr. guilty of the Aggravated Murder of 4 year old Rowan Sweeney, the Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault of Andre McCoy, Yarnell Green, Alexis Schneider, and Cassandra Marsicola, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Robbery, Conspiracy, and Firearm Specifications.

“The cold blooded murder of Rowan Sweeney is finally vindicated,” said Prosecutor Gina DeGenova. “While we acknowledge the impact of Crump’s brutal crimes on his adult victims, Rowan’s family is forever changed by this senseless act of violence. Our office and law enforcement partners dedicate our lives to ensuring justice for victims of these types of vicious acts.”

On September 21, 2020, Crump burst through the front door of 111 Perry Street in Struthers, Ohio, and unloaded a 45 caliber handgun on the five people in the home’s living room.  Four adults sustained gunshot wounds.  As 4 year old Rowan’s mother begged Crump to spare his life, Crump shot Rowan 4 times.  He then grabbed cash from the coffee table and fled the residence.

“I congratulate the hard work of my team of lawyers, Grand Jury Prosecutor, Mike Yacovone, career Assistant Prosecutor, Jennifer Paris, and SVU Chief, Jennifer Bonish,” said Prosecutor DeGenova. “I also want to thank our dedicated support team of legal secretaries, paralegals and victim advocates.” “To prosecute a case of this magnitude, takes a tremendous amount of work and coordination with the lawyers, witnesses, surviving victims, and law enforcement.”

“My sincere sympathy goes out to Rowan’s family and to all the community members who supported them. For a family to lose a young child over a measly few thousand dollars shocks the conscious and is truly heartbreaking,” said DeGenova. “I and my team of career prosecutors, and now with our newly formed SVU unit, remain committed to bringing about justice for all victims, and especially innocent young victims who cannot protect themselves, like Rowan. Today we again mourn the loss of Rowan but rejoice that his killer will cease to be a menace to this community, and any, other hopefully for a very long time.”

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