Judge Sentences Campbell Man to Life in Prison for murder

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 04, 2024) – This morning, Judge Sweeny sentenced 47-year-old John Morgan to 18 years to life for the murder of Daniel Peek.

In February, Morgan was found guilty of Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, and Felonious Assault. A firearm specification is also attached to each of those charges. Morgan shot, killed, and brutally assaulted 46-year-old Daniel Peek in 2022.

“John Morgan was brought to justice today,” said Prosecutor DeGenova. “His ruthless shooting of Daniel Peek was cold-hearted, tearing apart a family and leaving a son to witness the horror of his father’s murder. The sorrow inflicted upon both families is immeasurable.” Prosecutor DeGenova continued, “Morgan will now bear the weight of the atrocious acts he committed, forever haunted by the consequences of his actions.”

In July 2022, Morgan went to Peek’s home to pick up his daughter and grandson. Upon his arrival at the home, Morgan fired a round into the ground from his gun. Morgan then hit Peek several times with the weapon before getting into an altercation with Peek and his son, causing him to lose his firearm. After Morgan was able to recover from the altercation, he swiftly found his weapon and shot Peek in the back. Peek would later die from his injuries.

Prosecutor DeGenova added, “I want to commend the work of my staff, Criminal Chief Rob Andrews and Assistant Prosecutors Patrick Fening and Kyle Hilles, for their dedication and hard work put forth during this case.”

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